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    Merge to HDR from within Adobe Camera Raw has slowed

    Ramigrafx Level 1

      Three weeks ago I did a complete reinstallation of Windows 10 and Photoshop cc, Bridge and Lightroom. All the latest versions. I also installed a new graphics card Nvidea Quadro M4000. I am very familiar with using ACR to merge to hdr and like it because I can apply my custom camera profiles and when I have finished processing my image in ACR i can then go on to import it into Photoshop as a smart object.  I have an 8 core processor, 16GB ram and a dedicated ssd for my scratch disk.

      Never used to have any problems and the process used to be rapid. Now the process can take several minutes and looking in task manager the processor in Adobe Bridge is working at about 95%. Which is strange because I have the graphics card enabled to do some of the processing. Everything for the graphics card is enabled and advanced selected, and it never crashes out.

      Thought the problem was the graphics card and was online to Adobe engineer last night for well over 1 1/2 hours who could offer no advice. I was going to change my graphics card back to a Radeon one (which was changed because of compatibility problems with Photoshop) when I thought that I would try another test.

      In the same feature of  merge to hdr in ACR is merge to Panorama. I tried this with 3 images (82MB each) and it was completed totally in about 50 seconds.

      So can anyone explain why merge to hdr takes about 5 minutes and merge to panorama takes 50 seconds on the same pc.  Must be a bug in the latest ACR.