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    Export Video from Image sequence.


      Hi All,



      I am very new to after effect scripting, I want to create video from image sequences, I have completed importing the image sequences using scripting but not able to export the same into video. Could you please help me in this? below is my code for the same.


      $.writeln("******* DONE **********");

      //app.project.items.addComp("Demo", 1280, 720, 1, 10, 24);


              var myImportOptions = new ImportOptions();

              myImportOptions.file =new File( "E:\\AE-AUTO\\mayaOut\\A C Mistakes 01.0001.jpg");

              myImportOptions.sequence = true;

              var myFootage = app.project.importFile(myImportOptions);

              $.writeln("DONE Importing *****");




      My intention to create video from those imported image sequence only.