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    Flash Video Gallery

      I am trying to work with the flash video gallery. I am following the instructions in "Deconstructing the ActionScript 2.0 Flash Video Gallery Application. I am on a Mac OSX 10.4.11 and am working with Flash MX 2004. So far I understand where the movie flv. files are and how to change them into my own. I found the thumbnail videos in the library and I am confident I can modify them. I have Macromedia Dreamweaver MX2004 and I have opened the file(s) included in the template download and have reviewed them. I have two questions:

      1. Where do you find and change the text which describes the flv. movies? It seems to me that it would be in the shell.fla library in the detail view file but I cannot find it.

      2. The template comes with a content.xml file which appears to be a final cut studio pro file but when I click on it and try to open it, I open a final cut studio pro file but there is nothing on it. Does the content.xml need to be opened with something other THAN FCP and do I need to do anything with that file at all in order for my video gallery to function properly. I have FCP 5. I know that there is a more updated version of the flash video gallery but I have to work with the older version because of my software limitations.

      I would appreciate any help you can give me.