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    Lightroom email crashes

    Joe LiMarzi

      Lightroom 5.7.1 with Windows 10.

      When I try to email an image the email window flashes and crashes.

      The lightroom program still works, only the email window crashes.

      I am unable to email.

      Anyone have any ideas?

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          F. McLion Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Please describe in more details.

          Are you emailing directly from LR or forwarding to images to an email app like Outlook - there are many ways?

          What exactly is it that crashes?

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            Joe LiMarzi Level 1

            When attempting to email directly from Lightroom, while either filling in addresses, or selecting the email address to email from, the email window becomes full screen for a split second, then minimizes. When I try to enlarge it there is no response, and, during that process. My Lightroom window also minimizes and I can't enlarge it. After I close the email window my Lightroom works again.


            J. A. Li Marzi