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    Complicated effect. Green Screen video mask?


      Hello, I have a very cool effect I wanna try and need help implementing it. I have absolutely no experience with Adobe After Effects but know Final Cut Pro very well. This effect seems just so complicated I assumed Final Cut Pro wouldn't be enough. I am trying to create an effect very similar to this video, with an additional component. I want to film a subject with a green screen background. Take apart that video into frames and run it through the software used to create the effect seen in the video link. The problem is that the software only accepts jpegs. Which means I cannot throw in an image with transparency. This is where I run into a problem. I want this effect to only be applied to the subject and not the green screen. Is there anyway I can cut out a mask of where the green screen is in the video before I run it through the software. Then apply that mask to the video that has been sent through the software. I hope my question is clear, and I can clarify if it wasn't. Thanks a bunch if you could help me out. This effect to my knowledge has never been done before.

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Your thinking is backwards. Run the entire video through the software that creates the effect and render that. Next, take the original footage into Final Cut and key out the background then sync up the tracks and use the keyed footage as a mask or matte for the rendered effects footage. You can then put any image you like behind the effect.


          If that's not what you intend to do please explain a little more.


          BTW, you could try JPEG 2000 and render that with transparency and see if the software will recognize the alpha channel.