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    Increasing Disk Space usage on C:Drive as I move photos out to a portable HDD




      I am a Window user. I am trying to reorganise my photos and move my part of my photos from D:drive to my portable HDD. However, when I move more and more photos across, I notice this action used up disk space in C drive. For example, if I move 10GB across to my portable HDD, C:drive would have 10GB less space.


      My question is, why Adobe requires to store a copy of the files in C:drive again. Is it possible to remove the disk space in C:drive because I am kind of running out as I am planning to move almost 100GB of photos across to my portable HDD. (I don't have 100GB spare on my C:drive for this) I try to trace where did Lr save the data and it isn't under "C:\Users\xxxx\Pictures". Would anyone have any suggestion?


      Thanks a lot!