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    Bug: Share files as e-mail attachment




      when clicking for a PDF to be sent by mail out of Acrobat I receive the message "Either there is no default mail client or current mail client cannot fullfill the message request. Please run Microsoft Outlook and set it as the default mail client"



      I have Acrobat X in the newest version and Windows 10 Pro with Outlook 2016 (64bit) in the newest version.



      I reinstalled all my system - problem unresolved

      I reviewed all the hints and guidelines in the web - problem unresolved

      (including hacks to the registry)



      In the web there are several ideas on the root-cause (like 32bit vs. 64bit, Outlook vs. Windows 'Mail', registry defects, control-panel>standard programs > set outlook as standard program, etc. etc.)



      None of these resolved my issue.



      Anybody has a solution?