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    Selecting and masking tool. HELP!


      Hello dear community,

      I have a rather strange problem.

      It is about selecting and masking tool in photoshop. I have created a selection of a picture, saved, copied and inserted into another picture. Then I wanted to edit it with the select and mask. But every time I confirm the editing, the change is discarded. I'm really desperate, because I still have these pictures to print.Bildschirmfoto 2017-01-28 um 13.30.14.png



      Bildschirmfoto 2017-01-28 um 13.29.57.png


      Best regards Sabrina

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          davescm Adobe Community Professional

          Hi Sabrina

          It is not clear from your screenshots what you edited in select and mask. Your layers panel shows layers without masks so if opening in Select and Mask - you will need to use the selection tools first to make your selection/mask.  The thumbnail at the top right suggests you have not made a selection (although it is hard to see from the screenshot). Just using the refinements sliders will not do anything as they need a selection/mask to refine.

          Finally when you output, before you click "OK"  - you need to choose the output from the menu below.



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            cyberwasp Level 2

            Sabrina. As Dave suggested, it's advised to make a selection before clicking ion select & Mask. Although you can do it from within also.  It might be the view mode you're select and mask is set to at the top, try changing this.


            But if you're more familiar with Refine edge, it is still available in the latest versions.


            1) Just first make a selection.

            2) then open the Select menu, "Not the button."

            3) hold shift and click in the menu "Select and mask.

            The old Refine edge will open