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    Preview and Timeline will not stay focused on my Comp


      After updating from CS6 to CC I can't get my Preview window or Timeline to stay focused on the Comps I am working on.


      If I clicked on a layer in the CS6 Timeline it would select the layer and I could edit it, and if I double clicked on a layer the Preview window and Timeline would switch focus from the Comp that I was working on to just the selected layer, but with CC my Preview/Timeline windows seem to refocus with single clicks and double clicks -- basically I can't select a layer in the Timeline to edit it without the Preview and Timeline windows refocusing onto just that layer, which basically makes the program unusable.  Is there any setting that I can change that will tell AE to stop focusing on a layer when I only want to select it?


      Are there any hotkeys that could aid me here, or settings I could change?  If it's possible I would like to make it to where neither single nor double clicks cause AE Preview/Timeline to shift focus -- if I need to switch focus in my Preview window I can easily do that by switching tabs in the timeline, but when I'm working within a timeline I need to be able to focus on all of the layers that are there...