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    Contemplating Creative Cloud for Photography


      I am contemplating upgrading my Lightroom 5.2 and Photoshop Elements 11 to Creative Cloud for Photographers.  My wife has Lightroom 5.2 on her laptop.  We take her laptop with us when we travel and leave my heavier desktop replacement laptop at home.  I know I can put CC on two computers and use the software on one at a time.


      My question is if I download CC onto both of our laptops (so I can use it on her laptop when we travel) will it require the removal (or upgrade) of Lightroom 5.2 from her laptop, which would remove her ability to use her Lightroom 5.2 at the same time as I am using CC on my laptop when we aren't traveling?  She has no desire to upgrade and she doesn't like me messing with her setup to do things my way.


      Thank you in advance for your replies.  Unfortunately, I think I know what the answer is but would be thrilled to be surprised.