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    drag-replace feature for layer styles and smart filters

    Roei Tzoref Adobe Community Professional

      Hi fellas.


      PS CC2017


      say for example I have these two layers:

      Layer 1 has a blue stroke and a drop shadow.

      Layer 2 has a green stroke


      say I want Layer 1 to have the same green stroke as Layer 2, I can Alt+drag the stroke from Layer 2 to Layer 1 but it will not allow me to replace the existing, only add to it. I now have to delete the previous stroke from Layer 1. before multiple instancing of layer styles, it would just replace it. also, copy layer styles by right clicking will not copy just one layer style but all of them so if I right click Layer 2 and choose "copy layer styles" and right click on Layer 1 "paste layer style", it will remove the drop shadow.


      would love to see if there is a workflow I am missing here, but I am thinking dragging or alt dragging should allow a way to replace the current layer style if it's the same (maybe by adding Ctrl or something). this should also be available for smart filters - same scenario where you have the same smart filter and want to replace it, not add another.


      unless there's is a feature or workflow I am missing here, guess I am off to the feature request page.