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    Photoshop CS6 on Same Mac, New OSX Questions


      I currently have Photoshop CS6 Extended installed on my 2012 Macbook Pro and have had this program now for almost five years. Unfortunately, due to other factors, my hard-drive will need to be wiped completely and a newer OSX will be installed on the same device (I've been previously running OSX 10.7 Lion). As I am not the most tech savvy person in this way, I have many questions about what my next steps should be to keep CS6 running properly:


      According to Adobe support and my product key, my copy of CS6 can only be downloaded/activated to two separate computers, and if I wanted to download it to a third, I would need to deactivate it on one of the other two first. If I do not deactivate my program on my laptop before it is wiped, will CS6 recognize the device as the same activated device when I reinstall it, or will it consider it a second device due to the new OS?


      Also, I have read that CS6 is not supported on newer Mac OSX? As an artist who works regularly with the program, and a graduate student who cannot easily afford the ~$50/month Creative Cloud subscription that appears to be the only way to buy or have access to any Photoshop programs nowadays, this is very worrying -- is there a work around for this? I saw that OS El Capitan and CS6 are not compatible, but that OS Yosemite is indeed compatible with CS6. Has anyone who uses CS6, specifically Photoshop, found any major problems running this on this OS -- such lag or slow responsiveness? I've seen that there was an issue with hotkey shortcuts with CS6 Photoshop version 13.02 when OS Yosemite first came out, and I am unsure if this was fixed (apparently you can download a plug-in that can fix the problem); Do updated versions of CS6, such as 13.0.6, work properly with OS Yosemite now without lag/slowness?


      Thank you all for your help with all of these questions!