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    drag-and-drop tree list from files/folder

      Hello all. I'm new to Flex and I'm looking for some help or for someone to point me in the right direction. I want to write a simple AIR application to accept a multiple text files (or a folder full of text files) when the files/folder is dragged into a tree list. The file/folder name will be the node name. When selected, the contents of the file will be displayed in a text area. The text file will contain a 4 x 4 number matrix with each column separated by a tab and each row separated by a return. (I plan on plotting the numbers in the matrix in the future).

      What I'm most confused about is how to go about dragging-and-dropping files into a tree list and creating item names based on the file/folder name? And does the file content need to go into an array collection?

      Maybe I'm going about this in a difficult way. If there is an easier way, I'd appreciate it if someone could share. Thank you all.