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    LR6 on two computers?


      Dear Sir,

      I have LR6 on only two computers. Still I receive a message that I have it on more then two!!! A message tells me that I have deactivate one program on the third compurer which does not have any LR6. I am afraid that LR6 will be wiped out on my second computer within only 20 Days. Of course I can try to delete the program on my first computer but should it be neceesary. Please, help me! Glenn

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          Todd Shaner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          This can happen if you installed LR initially on a different system (1st out of 3) and then uninstalled it without first deactivating the license. If that's not the case you can: Contact Customer Care

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            glennb8467695 Level 1

            dear Sir,

            It did not help. A clarification: I have three (3) computers (1, 2 and 3). No 1 is the oldest (mor then ten years old) and it does not have any LR-program. (In fact it has not have any LR program during at least last 10 years). This computer I will not use in the future. Compgurer No 2, which is about 4-5 years old has a LR6 program: No 3 is the newest and I just installed LR6 on it and it is in this computurre I receive this anoying message that I have LR6 on three computers,  which is fals! Since the message tels me that I have only 20 Days left to use it I am becoming very nervours. If I have to deactive the licence on computer 1. How do I do tha,t since it has not this program. I do not know how to handle it and I ask you to help me. Perhaps you can help to get rid of this message on my newest computer (no 3) and allow me to use the program? Alternative,  should I delete the program on computer 2 but how do I decatived the licensen on this computer? I realy want to use the program on computrer 3. Best regards/Glenn

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              Todd Shaner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Please contact Adobe Customer Support using Chat and they will help you:


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