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    how to extend class from animate (canvas)

    Ami Hanya Level 1

      I have a FLA file that export to canvas, I add a linkage movieClip that call OpenScreen_mc.

      i try to extend the OpenScreen_mc

      i try this code:

      (function (window) {

        function OpenScreen() {

           // this.Container_constructor();


        var p = createjs.extend(OpenScreen, lib.OpenScreen_mc);

        window.OpenScreen = createjs.promote(OpenScreen, "lib.OpenScreen_mc");




      and call to the "class" like this:

      var  openScreen_mc = new OpenScreen()




      but i don't see the OpenScreen on the stage.

      i try to call the this.Container_constructor(); but i get overFlow.

      How can i extend it?