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    Photoshop CC2017, when trying to open a new file, no dialog box appears and almost all menu items become grayed out.


      I am having significant issues with my Photoshop CC2017. When opening the program if I go to create a new file by either the menu or pressing CTRL+N no dialog box appears and almost all menu items become grayed out.


      However, if I instead go to open an existing file, it seems to work fine. In addition, I can also export files from Lightroom into Photoshop and work on them with seemingly no issues.


      I have tried holding SHIFT+CTRL+ALT when starting up the program - no effect. In fact, I have noticed that when I change preferences (such as turning off the graphics processor) that no settings are saved when I close and reopen the program.


      I had the Nik suite installed. I uninstalled it - no effect.


      I uninstalled and reinstalled Photoshop - no effect.


      I checked that everything was updated completely - PS and my operating system - Windows 10 - are completely up-to-date.


      I rebooted my computer - no effect.


      I have only ever used one display, so I'm pretty sure it's nothing like "the dialog box is simply off-screen."


      Finally, I see no error dialog box at any time when using Photoshop. The program loads and opens quickly, and when I exit the program I don't see anything odd happening.


      I have really run dry of ideas on how to fix this. Can anybody provide any assistance for me? Your help will be greatly appreciated.