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    Accessing the Title attribute in the HTML header

    spacehog Level 1
      In my Flex app I do some deep linking, passing data to the Flex app from the URL clicked. One downside of this is that the title bar of the HTML wrapper (the browser title bar) by default shows the data passed. Basically the browser's title bar displays messages like "#k-2b&t=9000&o=9011&s=pDys". I can hardcode what I want into the <title> tag of the wrapper, but the deep linking data is still appended.

      Does anyone know how to control this?
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          Dexterous Level 1
          Have you tried with the BrowserManager class ?

          BrowserManager lets you take some control over the wrapper HTML. For example, you can access the address of the current url, or as you requested, change the title of the html page.

          See the following code snippet:

          import mx.managers.IBrowserManager;
          import mx.managers.BrowserManager;

          private var brManager:IBrowserManager;

          private function setTitle():void
          brManager = BrowserManager.getInstance();
          brManager.setTitle("Title for the HTML wrapper");