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    indesign set up and pdf export for Ipad 3 (retina)


      I need to create a catalog in indesign that will be viewed on an Ipad 3.

      There will be no interactivity even attempted as I am aware of the pitfalls!

      I'm looking for answers on how to set up the indesign document and the optimal export for Ipad 3.

      I see lots of differing opinions on the 1024 or 2048 set up as well as the resolution of the images that should be use in the document.

      My final file size will be important and I've been told i can just compress it down to the size I need. I see no reason to compress something unless it's absolutely necessary and I think building the document right from the start will eliminate the need to compress the pdf.

      I will also be looking into the publish online option but I don't think this will work for my end user at this time.


      I have been reading a lot of BobLevine and will continue but I am open to any information that can be shared. I find the forums very helpful. Even though I had to set up a new account to post!

      I am using the latest version of CC. Working on an i Mac that is about 3 or 4 years old. I'm not sitting in front of it so I can't give you all the details.