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    InDesign library won't open -- says it already is

    casinclaire Level 1

      If there is already an answer to this somewhere in the forum, my apologies, but I could not find it. My search only revealed questions about why InDesign itself would not open, not a specifically named InD library.


      Elsewhere online, I saw another person having this problem but they worked on a network with a lot of computers, so there truly WAS the potential for the InDesign library to be open elsewhere, as the error message implies.


      But I am one person, no network, working in a home business. If I don't have the library open, no one does. I don't.


      Does anyone have any idea why the library would give me an error saying "This file is in use. Enter a new name or close the file that's open in another program."


      I would like to retrieve the items in this library if at all possible.  Any help is appreciated.


      (Btw, this is not an online or CC library. This is just right here on my own desktop.)


      Thanks much - C. Sinclaire