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    Using paragraph number without parenthesis in references




      I would like to create a reference to a numbered paragraph inside my text. The problem I have is that the paragraphs are numbered like so (1), (2), (3), ... and the parenthesis are shown in references. I just want to use only the number without the parentheses inside my text. How can I do that? I mean is that even possible? :S


      Some notes for you:

      • The number format is: (^#)^t
      • The reference format is <paraNum />
      • In short: I want <paraNum /> to be replaced with ^#  and not (^#) which is currently the case


      Some Example:


      (1) Lorem ipsum bla blablabla ...


      ... some text ...


      Let's reference paragraph (1) <-- I want the reference without parenthesis.


      Many thanks to you folks!