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    InDesign exports showing in Preview but not Adobe Acrobat Reader


      Hi everyone,


      I'm almost finished with a project and just encountered an odd hiccup (?) with InDesign.


      When I export my project (130 pages total, 128 of which follow a Master page template), all but one page display in Adobe Acrobat Reader. The missing page happens to be page +3, which is the 1st page that uses the master page template. The page number and header (part of the Master page template) and title (not part of the Master page template) show just fine, but the rest of the page content is missing. This is the only page affected by this issue, everything else shows up just fine.


      However, when I open the full exported pdf with Preview (I use a Mac) or look at it through Gmail preview, the page content is there. When I export that same page as a jpeg it displays perfectly. I've only used one layer for the entire file so I don't think it's an issue with layers. I've been exporting this file to pdf every other day for a month, and only recently has the content on page +3 started to disappear when the file is exported to pdf format.


      Any ideas on what is going on and/or what I can do to solve it? To summarize: the page content displays just fine via InDesign and exports perfectly as a jpeg, but 90% of the content disappears on just one page when the exported pdf file is opened with Adobe Acrobat Reader (on my computer and on other computers as well). And it only happens to that one page, which happens to be the first page of the file that uses the Master page template.


      Thanks for any ideas.