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    Why there's still no full-sync?

    DevBoyLars Level 1

      Hi there,

      I'm just wondering why there is still no full sync in Lightroom? It's to bad that I've to put ever new taken picture manually in a collection to get it on my mobile devices.


      This workflow is horrible! Why I can't just select the albums I want to see on my mobile devices and LR do the rest for me.


      Then it would be possible to sort in new photos directly on LR-Mobile into the right albums, because they would be full-synched with LR-Cloud/Desktop.


      Just have a look how nice and beautiful this works on Apple devices with iCloud.


      Adobe already gots the technologie, but why this isn't used yet. We are in 2017!!



      Workflow now:


      Take a picture with my mobile in LR.


      At home/office open LR-Desktop, sort in the taken picture into the right album AND drag it to the right collection for a vice-versa sync in the right album (collection) on my mobile.






      Take a picture on my mobile, sort it into the right album - done!


      ADOBE WAKE UP! You already lost a lot of users because of subscription. Don't lost more users because of old workflows/technology.


      It's bad enough how painful slow your cloud-sync is on my 20MBit UPLOAD connection.