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    Lightroom image files deleting but not going into MAC trash




      I wondered if anybody can help me? Recently bought a new Late 2013 Mac Pro running 10.12.2 Mac OS Sierra. Upgraded my Lightroom 5 to 6 using the creative cloud subscription.

      Because of the lack of hard drives in the New Mac Pro, I also bought a Promise Pegasus R2+ 3TB Drives connected by thunderbolt which holds all my Lightroom files.

      This is using RAID 0.


      I've come across something really weird when deleting files in my Lightroom catalog. When deleting (using 'delete from disk' before anyone asks) the files disappear but do not end up in the trash like it always has in the past. Not until I restart my computer or place something in manually from that particular hard drive that the files magically appear in the trash where they should be. Unfortunately when I switch my computer off and on again the next working day, I have the same exact issue. Very strange!!

      Already spoke to Apple using online chat and made sure it wasn't a problem with my Mac so I can at least rule that out. They finally advised my to reinstall Lightroom which I did but didn't cure the problem.

      Has anyone ever experienced this? If so, some help would be greatly appreciated.


      Many Thanks,