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    Getting consistent inkjet color output from InDesign


      Hi all,


      I've seen a few discussions in these forums related to this problem, but none with a definitive answer.


      So off the bat, I'm using Adobe CC 2017 (Id, Ps, Br, Lr) on a Mac Mini running Sierra 10.12.2. I'm printing to a Canon Pro-100 (driver 16.0.5).


      I'm trying to print an InDesign document containing hi-res TIFFs tagged w/Adobe 1998, and I can't make the color match what I get when printing the same linked TIFFs directly from Photoshop. I've synched color management across CC from within Bridge (NA Prepress 2). I'm using the ICC profile for my paper, and I've turned off printer color management.


      I'm doing everything right within Photoshop: the output from PS matches my monitor, and I like it.


      But, using the exact same color settings, the output from InDesign has a terrible magenta cast.


      What am I missing?