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    I need someone who is proficient with Adobe Muse to help me learn the program.

    GG_Designs Level 1

      So I have had my own business for about a year now. I have always wanted a website to sell my merchandise on. I am currently a graphic design student, so using Illustrator, and photoshop i am pretty good at. But What I am not good at is web design. Well Coding really. So I want to learn Adobe Muse to get a grasp on the basics of web design, where their is more design than code. I understand a little code is involved. But nothing major. So i am asking for someone to teach me the program or help me learn it with the ecommerce platform Ecwid. Now you dont need to know ecwid, Just creating a fast and responsive(design) and site that is easy to use and does what i need it to do. If you can help, that would be great!


      Thank you.