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    Enable/Disable a TrackItem object using ExtendScript?

    andymees@aje Level 3

      Hi All


      Is there anyway to get/set the "Enable" state of a clip in a sequence using ExtendScript?


      I've created (am creating) a simple sequence info panel to assist our producers in their paperwork. If the working state of clip in the sequence is disabled then I'd like my panel/script to simply ignore it (much as I can ignore entire tracks based on their 'isMuted' state).


      I had a look at the TrackItem properties, at least all those that I could find (including the unsupported QE DOM) but couldn't find any reference to an item's "state". That said, I'm only just discovering the whole 'reflection' thing so it's entirely possible I've missed it. Does anyone know if it's currently possible?


      I realise I can export an FCP XML of the sequence and then parse that, but I was hoping to handle everything directly within the app's API if at all possible.


      Thanks in advance