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    InDesign 2017 Can't Paste from Pages or Evernote


      Just upgraded to a MacBook Pro and Sierra and running Indesign 2017.  Suddenly, I can no longer paste from Pages or Evernote into my InDesign document.  It was working fine earlier.  If I go into preferences/clipboard handling and select "All Information" it will paste, but if "text only" is selected it won't.  Pasting with formatting is unacceptable.  This has not been an issue before.  I now have to paste into TextEdit then paste into InDesign.  I tried trashing prefs, but that didn't work.  Any suggestions or help would be appreciated.  Thank you.

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I just did a quick test copying from Pages 6.0.5 to InDesign CC 2017. Clipboard Preferences were set to Pasting Text: Text Only.


          I had no problem.


          I'd suggest restoring your InDesign preferences:


          Trash, Replace, Reset, or Restore the application Preferences

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            graphic mac Level 1

            So you NEVER want to Paste with formatting? I ask because there are two ways to solve that problem. One is to do what you (and Steve) are suggesting—but that's the "nuclear" option. The other is to leave it set to "all information" and use Command (Control on Windows) + Shift + V or Paste Without Formatting under the Edit menu.


            The larger issue for you is that I can't reproduce the problem you're having on any of the Macs I'm using - all of which are running the latest CC versions of InDesign, latest version of Pages, and most up-to-date beta of Sierra 10.12.4 (build: 16E144f) as of this writing.


            So as Steve suggested, I would start InDesign with new preferences (easiest way is to hold Shift+Option+Command+Control while launching InDesign).

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              newgrouse Level 1

              Okay I am in a similar boat and it's become a real pain.


              I design a lot of magazines and newsletters and text comes to me from all sorts of places, but I choose to work via Pages because it's simpler and lightweight. I don't place or import text files like I used to do way back, I simply paste the paras as I need them into the correct places.


              Headline here, sub head here, drop cap first para here and so on.


              No formatting in the pages files, an italics I simply restore and tag in Indesign.


              But what has happened in recent months (I'm on the latest Pages, latest OS X, latest Indesign, fairly new iMac) is that either nothing appears on the paste or if I select with formatting I get garbage (i.e. no paragraph returns, a load of unwanted characters etc).


              I now paste via something else (I copy into my email program usually), but this is such a backward move in my workflow.


              I've trashed preferences and I've tried other things but this is where I'm at and no-one is really able to solve it.


              I don't know who's fault it is, pages, the OS or Indesign but there it is. Just to let you know dfishjr you are not alone and I feel your pain. I guess I just have to suffer it.