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    LR adjustment brush - not working properly

    IRI.J photography Level 1

      I have used this tool beautifully for years, the skin softening tool in particular, on head shots and portraits. (I also use the iris enhancing, sharpening for brows, teeth whitening etc etc...). It magically makes acne in skin disappear. Well it did. I have just completed a shoot and for some reason, the softening tool is now not working properly. I have checked blogs etc, and the settings seem fine? Strangely, when I use the graduated tool, the softening effect works, but it's the wrong tool for a small specific area. I need urgent help with the adjustment brush, the softening tool in particular please.


      None of the brush default setting seem to work properly. The teeth whitening seems pale, not white. Skin softening, not softening. Sharpening, not sharpening?


      I'm sooo confused, help please. I'm not sure if this has happened to an update or just gone weird over time.....and i need to get the images to my client.


      Thanks in advance