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    Adobe Digital Editions 4.5 Query



      I recently purchased my first Kobo book online. I wished to sync it with my Sony e-reader, but was instructed to download the Adobe Digital Editions 4.5 along with the Reader for Mac.

      When I try to view the book in the Adobe Digital Editions 4.5 I get a message:

      Activation Server error - code E_ADEPT_INTERNAL , try again.

      Then when I open the reader for MAC I get these messages:

      1. The content is protected by digital rights management (DRM). Do you want to continue for authorization to open the content?
      2. The item has already been downloaded by another user.

      Now I have an email in my e-mail: Please see message:

      Dear Tabitha

      Recently your AdobeID password has changed.

      If you didn't request this password change please contact the customer support team.



      The Adobe Team


      I haven't changed my AdobeID password.

      I have since downloaded the Kobo app to my Mac laptop and can read the book from my laptop, but I would prefer reading it from my Sony e-reader.

      Can you help solve this multi layered problem?


      Thank you, Tabitha