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      I just got a new computer, Dell XPS8910 with an ultra sharp high resolution monitor. I am set to srgb as is my monitor...

      Keep in mind I haven't printed. In lightroom I get my photo edited, everything looks good, skin tones etc. After I export there is an orange hue to the photo. Looking at them on the SAME monitor side by side, the one in lightroom still looks good the other is orangy, the only difference is I have exported. Looking at the photo if I for example then email it to myself, it appears the orange one is what everyone else will see.  I snapped a side by side photo with my cell phone of what I'm seeing to give a better idea...but resolution won't be wonderful.


      How do I correct this?

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          ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

          Many of the default image viewers are not color managed. What program are you using outside of Lightroom?


          Have you calibrated the monitor?

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            Per Berntsen Adobe Community Professional

            You seem to be on Windows 10, and you seem to be using a wide gamut monitor.

            When viewing images on wide gamut monitors, it is an absolute must to use only color managed applications.

            Lightroom is color managed and displays colors correctly  - most othter apps aren't, and will display wrong colors.


            The Photos  app is not color managed, and will display images over saturated, which is typical for a non color managed application on a wide gamut monitor..

            Windows 10 also includes the old Windows Picture Viewer, which is color managed - use that instead.

            Microsoft has hidden it away somewhere - do a search for it.