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    best way to make a muse-site for mobile, tab and desktop

    cartimundi Level 1

      Hello, i want to make a clear website and when possible with a little new design...


      I'd like the scroll effects, but when i make it for more screen sizes, i have to use breakpoints..which are not allowing scroll effects..

      so just building a "simple"site without nice effects.


      sometimes, i think back at the old muse with phone/tablet and desktop modes..

      i think that was easier....now i'm making them with breakpoints and sometimes there are 8 differents, and still not everything works perfect,..


      is there a way, to make a site, where there is a combination on a phone and tablet page, and for the desktop with some breakpoints?


      Maybe i am wrong, but then the phone version, is scaled for each screen sizes of phone and i can still use scrolleffects? because the site detects the device.

      And it is less work, then the 4 or 5 breakpoints pages i make for each phone size..


      Sometimes, i'm a little bit jealous of the wordpress themes...were it is just placing text and images...and wordpress takes care of the responsive..

      all through i know that it is less creative.


      I hope someone has a good workaround, to build websites in muse..

      i'd like to have the same building process for different sites..


      grt carti