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    Nothing aligns right in preview mode


      Hi all, I'm going to try to be as descriptive as possible so bear with me. 


      I'm somewhat new to Muse although I've been using it off and on for years.  However, I have returned to Muse once again to create a few web pages.  I absolutely love the program except for one unforgivable problem.  Nothing aligns the same way in preview mode. 

      To be more clear, here's an example.  I can write out text in a text box, put it in the middle of the design page and then click "Preview Site".  When the Preview comes up, the text is shifted to the left, off center.  In Design mode, I have to off center the text box way over to the right so that it will center in Preview mode.


      I could live with that... not happily but I could.  So then I create a trigger for those words to open a menu.  I place that trigger on top of the off centered words hoping it would put it in the right place.  But alas, no, the trigger box, for some reason, shifts way over to the left and misses the text box completely.  The Blank box that would become my drop down menu also ends up WAY over to the left as if I pinned it to the left side of the page.  However, I have turned off all pinning and tried to use the "align" option at the top but to no avail. 


      I have tried putting them all on the same layer and putting each of them on separate layers.  I've tried pinning each and every box to the center and it doesn't change a thing.  For some reason, my Preview page cannot and will not match my design page.


      I even thought maybe it was because I'm using full screen images and even full background video... but even without those in the site, everything shifts off center in Preview mode.


      Please help, I would love to continue working with Adobe and some of the others in our organization are wanting to change to Word Press (shutters).  Please don't let that happen.  

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          Günter Heißenbüttel Adobe Community Professional

          Do the following:

          Create a new site with only one page and only these elements, which you mentioned in your posting.

          Upload this .muse file to Dropbox or a similar file sharing service and provide the download link here. Then we can have a closer look.

          Thus, time consuming „question and answer“ games or pure guessing can be considerably reduced.

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