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    I am suppose to hav LR6 on more than two computers!!!!


      Dear Sir,

      I have Three computers. No 1 is more than 10 years old and does not have LR6. No2 is about 4 years old and have LR6. My new computer (no 3) contains LR6 which is recently installed successfully. However, I receive a message telling me that I have LR6 on more than Three computers (which is wrong) and I have just now only 20 Days to correct it. I do not know HOW!!!!! TO CORRECT IT?. I am willing to take delete aslo LR6 on computer 2 but I am not sure that will help me. I would like to helped to be able to use LR6 in the future. I have now been in Contact with Adobe in many ways and the last advice I received was to Contact "kundtjänst". I would be very happy if you can take away this message and allow me to use the program in the future. Best regards/Glenn