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    I need help





      I am a hobby photographer and have always photographed with my camera (Nikon D3200) in RAW / NEF format.

      Now I have added myself a new camera (Nikon D5600) with which I also want to shoot again in RAW / NEF format.



      Now to my problem, I work to work with a 13 "MacBook Pro Retina and Photoshop CS6, with my Nikon D3200 the pictures in RAW / NEF format from the Mac Book as Photoshop, but with the new Nikon D5600, however, no more, me Can not view, open or edit these images.



      Do they have any idea what it is or how I can change it? Is there an update for the camera, the programs or do I have to make certain settings to Camera, Mac Book or Photoshop?



      Thanks in advance and kind regards.



      M. Schimmel