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    Map ID With Hyphen Is Not Supported In RH7

      Our project has been using RH 5 since 2004. We assign map id that we use for F1 Help access. Map IDs that are assigned to sub-topics or bookmarks within a page use hyphen as a separator. i.e: 002-A001, 002-A002, 002-B001, etc.

      Due to OS upgrade to VISTA & compatibility with MS-Word 2007, we have to upgrade to RH7. However, we are having a problem on assigning the new map ids or editing existing map ids because RH7 does not allow us to save a map id with a hyphen. This is silly. Why RH7 does not support something that has been working in the previous version.

      Is there a work around or RH7 patch or something to assign map ID with hyphen in RH7? We try to maintain this convention as much as possible.