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    LR lagging and glitchig Please help!!!


      my LR is driving me crazy. When I use tools/sliders the image dosend reflect the chances right away, it takes about 1.5 - 2 seconds. And exporting is extreamly slow. I watch task manager and it avg about 35% CPU usage while working and will spike to 85-100 for a quick sec. here and there. The spot removal tool will park Lightroom for a 10 Count!! also I get a red glitch every once and a while like a flicker of the screen. Can Any one ahead some light in these issues ?





      MY RIG


      Dell XPS 15.6" 4K Touchscreen Laptop

      windows 10

      prosessor 2.60 i7 6700HQ

      16 GB ram

      1TB (@50% full)

      LR info

      LR CC 2015.7 [1098788

      built in memory 16239.6

      real mem. 16239.6

      real mem. Used 5028.2

      mem cache size 3366.8


      graphix processor GeForce GTX 960M