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    Dispatching events between classes

      Hello Everybody!

      I've run into an issue that I am now banging my head against. I come to you all hoping for a hint, or a solution. I'm trying to dispatch an event from one class to the other. First class which I have named Broadcaster is instantiated in a fla on the first frame of the time line. On the stage is a Movie clip which acts as a buttons. The code that controls this button resides within Broadcaster.as. Once the button is clicked the dispatchEvent method should be fired and captured by the class Listener.as. What Listener.as does is create an empty movie clip and loads the swf that Broadcaster.as is attached to into it. This is just a simple test for myself to learn how to dispatchEvents. Unfortunately my test is not going so well. :(

      I have attached both Classes below. Any help on my little test will be most graciously appreciated! :)