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    Improvement Lipsync Request

    Petventh21 Level 1

      Hi, I know someone already brought up this topic before but I just wanna add my 2 cents of how to improve the LipSync feature.

      Right now, it's really hard to get an accurate lipsync with the current version (Beta 5), so I'm just wondering if maybe you guys can add a little more control to the lipsyc feature.

      It could be something like allow user to type(copy/paste) their scripts and allow for a more accurate lipsynching. For example, something like Papagayo Lipsync (refer to the picture below)

      Note: No Affiliation with Papagayo


      If you're not familiar with this software, it allow you to type/paste your script and allow you to adjust each phoneme exactly where you want it to be. It's the most accurate phoneme lipsync I know.


      This is just a suggestion, of course and I mean no disrespect to the current feature, I just thought it could improve and friendlier to use.


      Thank you.