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    CS6 Extended and new Drivers

    LR_Mowang Level 1

      I am one of those who continues to think having my own paid copy of Photoshop is the right way to go. However, over the past few years, I have updated video drivers and system software. Recently after an update, I started seeing changes to how tools within Photoshop work. I just load the latest driver from AMD and my favorite tool no longer works.  This tool is the main reason why I even use Photoshop. Other photo processing software just did not compare with the results from PS. Anyone have an idea how I can get around this issue. The healing brush and clone stamp will not change the brush size which is very... very.. small.  CC is out of the question and Lightroom healing brush sucks compared to PS or ON1.

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          davescm Adobe Community Professional


          There always will come a point where older software will cease to keep up with OS / driver and hardware updates.

          However ....I do use CC but still have CS6 Extended installed on a Windows 10 system..

          I've just tried the healing brush and clone stamp and both are working fine with the AMD drivers that were updated this week i.e. Crimson v17.1.1 (2017.0113.1201.21594)

          Have you tried resetting the tools/resetting preferences?