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    How do I fix no audio in Photoshop CS6 video editor, (running Windows 10)?

    Chuck Keys

      Hello Photoshop experts.  I have NO audio playback when trying to use the CS6 Photoshop video editor.    I am running Windows 10.  CS6 and Windows 10 are fully updated.


      When I had Windows 8, and first installed CS6, I had no audio, and I was told to install Apple QuickTime, and that fixed my problem.  I made the forced upgrade to Windows 10 PC last year.  


      But last summer, I got a warning message to uninstall QuickTime, and I did.   A few minutes ago, I looked in the Photoshop FAQ section, and found the message "Windows- Impact of uninstalling Apple QuickTime".   But it gave no clues as to what to do.


      I tried to install QuickTime7, then QuickTime7 light.  Both times, I got a big red error saying something like "Blocked by Administrator".


      My Photoshop Time Window shows I have audio selected (not muted), as it shows the sound waves coming from the speaker icon.  But as soon as I press play, the speaker symbol shows it has gone to mute mode (no sound waves coming from speaker icon). 


      My video files have audio, as they play fine with Windows media player.   And I found a reference to an Apple site which says you can test to see if your QuickTime7 is working, by playing Apple movie previews.  And even that works (odd, as I don't have QuickTime7 installed!).


      I have no idea what to do.............  I am going crazy, hours lost..............  Any help will be greatly appreciated.  Thank you, Chuck