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    Images Appear Smaller & Resizing Issues in Photoshop CC 2017


      Hi guys,


      I'm in Photoshop hell. Recently, I updated Photoshop to CC 2017 and has created some major complications when it comes to basic editing.


      First, images appear smaller in Photoshop than how they appear online or when previewed. The screen capture below is 1000p x 1000p in Photoshop vs how it previews on the left. Additionally, the quality seems to have been compromised as well.  Even when trying to do a basic resize, the actual image size does not seem to change (I assume this has something to do with resampling?) Furthermore, I cannot resize images now without them appearing pixelated (this is with resampling turned on). Even more strange, the pixel option no longer is available when I go to resize.


      From what I can see online this maybe have something to do with my retina display on my MacBook Pro.  Of course this confuses me because it was not an issue before the update.


      Anyone have any insight into these problems? They are driving me a tad bit insane as I am trying to do the simplest of tasks.