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    Starting with 2017 my signed PDF documents are not valid anymore! (AATL error?)


      Hello forum members,


      my company bought personal certificates from a member of the AATL. They were bought from Certum. We sign our PDF documents with those certificates. Adode Reader displayed a correct validation of those signatures in 2016. When those PDF documents are reopened again today, Adobe Reader displays a warning message. It seems that if Certum CA is technically not in Adobe Readers AATL anymore. Certificate chain is valid, as shown in Adobe Readers detailed view. The SHA1-Digest of the Certum CA root certificate is 62 52 DC 40 F7 11 43 A2 2F DE 9E F7 34 8E 06 42 51 B1 81 18.

      Can anyone check, why my companys documents are not validated anymore?