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    Acrobat 7.0 can’t write files to network share.


      System: Win 10 x86 pro PL (domain environment)

      Adobe Acrobat Professional 7.0 polish version


      I have an issue with Acrobat when I pick from menu “File” / “Create PDF” / “from many files”*. I select PDFs from network share (via mapped drive). And Acrobat, after joining them, displays an error “path doesn’t exist”*. Everything is OK when files comes from local path – and that is not a solution for me.

      I am sure that user has access right to that share – she can write, open, delete files on that share, password is not expired, there is no problems with domain.

      I need to deal with this issue quickly, so what can I do?

      Can I change default path for writing files in Acrobat? Just to have an output folder for everything that Acrobat produces?


      *I have polish version on Acrobat so I am not sure if I translated it correctly.