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    Application File does not exist / Reset Database?


      I have a program called mBlock from Github. It compiled just fine as an actionscript project in FlashBuilder for the past week. Then, to do some debugging, I deleted the project (removed all project files) and made a new actionscript project with the same name (started over).


      Now I get a very strange warning, and the project will not run or export. The warning is:

      Application file src\mBlock.as does not exist.


      This is very strange because I can see in the package explorer that mBlock.as is right there... I can even open up and edit mBlock.as ... It most certainly is there.


      Any idea why Flash Builder suddenly thinks that mBlock.as doesn't exist. Even when it is right there in the package explorer and can open in the editor?


      -- Edit --

      After a few more close and open, the project opens up but in a blank window. The main src\mBlock.as file still cannot be found (even though right there !!!). Even I make some changes to the  mBlock-app.xml file that I KNOW should cause errors, but the errors don't come up. Just always "src\mBlock.as does not exist."


      I think that the database has become corrupted . Probably because I deleted a project incorrectly. When I deleted the old project mBlock there was an error that the project could not be entirely deleted, so I just went into the username\flash builder folder and deleted the mBlock directory.  Then made a new project with the same name. Yeah, probably the database is corrupted.


      So I deleted the entire username \ flashbuilder directory and restarted flashbuilder. It reconstructed the username \ flashbuilder directory. But still same error as above.

      If I want to ENTIRELY clear flashbuilder to a new install fresh state, what all do I need to clear? Anything more than the username \ flashbuilder directory? I am on a 60 day trial so don't really want to delete and reinstall the program. That probably wouldn't really clear all residual files anyway.


      Thank you, please help, any help with above error, or help to completely restart a database.