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    Audio preview skips first second, CC 2017 included.


      Always, when I ram preview in AE (even if everything is already cached), the audio plays just a couple of frames then there is no audio for a second or two and then it plays almost normal (sometimes there are other audio skips, it seems when starts another audio layer).


      I had this problem in AE CC 2015, then there was un update that solves the problem (CC 2015.3 I guess). But when I upgraded to CC 2017 the problem came back again, and now that I have tried to re install CC 2015.3 I still have the same problem.


      I'm using AE on windows 10. I've noticed that, if I uncheck "mute audio when preview is not Real-Time" option in Preferences, the problem disapper, but the audio slow pitch is very annoying.


      Please tell me how to solve it, I'm wasting a lot of time.