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    A5 NCR Data Merge


      Ok - Can't get my head around this. It may take a little explaining sorry!


      We have an NCR job - It's A5 to be laid up on A4


      The way we need to print it would be


      01 04

      01 04

      02 05

      02 05

      03 06

      03 06


      So two pages per number to create the 2 part set and another column also numbered starting from where the last sheet ended


      Laid up as 2 a5s on an A4 so we can glue them up and chop them once down the middle.


      we're starting at 01001 with pads of 50 (100 sheets per pad)


      At the moment I have tried to have two master pages (to create the duplicate page) with two columns of data - This didn't work (I might have done something wrong)

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          vinny38 Level 5


          I really tried hard to understand what you wanted to achieve but I'm afraid my english (or my brain) isn't fully developed...

          Screenshots would help me, as the "visual" part of my brain overtakes my abstract part...


          Anyhow, could that - by any chance - be of any kind of help ?:



          Btw, please improve my English... what is NCR?

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            benb91256704 Level 1

            Hi Vinny,


            NCR means no carbon required - mostly used for invoice pads. When written on they create a duplicate underneath.


            I've figured my problem out now (: (It's only when you ask someone else you can find the solution)

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              benb91256704 Level 1

              For anyone else with a similar query -


              I was pulling the data without having a heading. You will simply need to add a different heading above each column to create two sets of data in one file (obvious if you've done name badges or tickets in indesign before)


              Then have two master pages set up with the same data linked to each.


              Finally limit it to 50 records per document and you have 5 A4 sheets to cut down to A5 (: