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    Wacom tablet problem with After Effects

    stuarts52800770 Level 1

      Hi there,


      I'd been using a wireless Intuos Pro on windows 7 with After Effects no problem until the latest update. Now running After Effects CC version and "click and holding" causes jumping.


      For example when trying to scrub on the timeline - the position on the timeline will massively jump. Or when trying to when scrub numerical values - the numbers will massively jump. This happens when the pen movement even slightly pauses (so pen is still pressed but we temporarily pause the scrub, effectively a click and hold). The scrub jumps back to correct position when the pen starts to move again. The effect is all over the place, jittery jumping numbers and timeline position!


      I've noticed that it also seems to be registering that change in state of the pen movement in Photoshop when drawing. If I pause drawing a line (but keeping the pen pressed - effectively a click and hold) the cursor disappears as if it's trying to perform another action, until the pen starts moving again. Although this doesn't effect the usability of Photoshop.


      It's something that has only just appeared, so I assume possibly during the recent Adobe update. It's making AE almost unusable with a Wacom!


      Currently on the most up to date Wacom driver (and we've tried rolling back to previous Wacom driver). Any help much appreciated!