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    Text Replacement script

    robertouell Level 1

      Hello all,


      I am very new to the scripting world but have an issue that I was unsuccessful in resolving myself through googling and searching around. It may be impossible due to illustrator's set up but I am looking for a script to find and replace strings of text throughout a document. I realize in indesign this would be easy as all get out, but due to other limitations I am forced to use Illustrator.


      I would need the script to search and find strings in both text boxes and text objects (or 2 scripts could work). I would be looking for something to find and replace as well as style for instance, find AA and replace with AA(registration mark) and superscript the registration mark. I would need to be able to do this for multiple instances of this string on a document. Is something like this possible?


      Thanks in advance!