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    Accidentally licensing unwanted images

    ninthkatie Level 1

      While perusing images for a potential campaign, and in an effort to save previews of those images to my library, I accidentally licensed 8 images. After 3 images, I realized I was hitting the wrong link, and thought I corrected my process. However, upon reviewing my library, I see I inadvertently licensed a bunch of images that I don't want to own.


      So I looked through the forum and found several instances of others encountering the same or similar issues. And in most cases that I read, they were credited for their mistakes.


      I contacted support via Live Chat and was told that licensed images can not be unlicensed nor can a credit be issued. I understand why licensed images can't be un-licensed, Adobe has no way of knowing if I downloaded the images in the meantime and am using them.  However, there appears to be plenty of evidence to the contrary in the above threads.


      My issue is with the process of saving previews versus licensing images. It's far too easy to license an image instead of saving a preview. I have used stock photography sites for many years, and the process isn't new to me. When researching images for a project, one can save images to a directory, and purchase or license them when ready.


      I would like to see Adobe Stock address this issue with more user-friendly tools for saving and licensing.

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          KanikaS Adobe Employee

          Hi Ninthkatie,


          As an exception adding 8 image credits to your account so that you can license different images instead.


          Hope this helps !

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            ninthkatie Level 1

            Thank you kanikas100!


            We appreciate the credits. We would however really like to see Adobe address the user issue, so no more Adobe customers experience the same mistake.

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              All the points mentioned here are extremely valid, but seem as though they haven't been addressed for years.


              I have accidentally licensed an image for a second time now (even though i was being more careful this time round). The first time I had the issue I contacted adobe through chat and was assisted by a lovely representative. Today on the other hand, I received someone who didn't really seem to understand my situation and frustration at all, no matter how many times I explained it, and palmed me off any way they could. The response i received was "the first time was out of good will, but we can't help you again".


              I've always had a really positive experience with adobe, and was excited by the idea of adobe stock after hearing about it at the conference this year, but after the chat room customer service representative today, and reading about the inability to address this user issue for quite sometime, I feel quite disappointed. Now i am all out of credits, after accidentally activating mu last one, I feel reluctant to to turn away from other stock websites and invest my money in an adobe stock subscription, with no certainty the issue will ever be addressed.


              Ninthkatie, it seems you were very lucky to get your 8 credits back!

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                twaritar3263062 Adobe Employee

                Hi Stacey,


                Sorry to hear that you had a poor experience today. Can you please share the image number which you have accidentally licensed so that I can further help you?