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    Can I programatically "Deselect All" in active sequence?

    andymees@aje Level 3

      Apologies in advance for the continuing barrage of questions!


      I've built a panel which displays a faux index of the active sequence on demand (i.e. it's not dynamic).

      Selecting an item in the panel selects the associated clip in the sequence.


      Is there any method available, other than iterating through every item in the sequence, to programatically 'deselect all' in the sequence?

      If not, is there any supported (or unsupported) method to tell a Premiere panel (e.g. Timeline) to execute a specific menu command (e.g. Deselect All) or otherwise to send the app a keyboard event (e.g. Cmd - Shift - A)?


      ( Hmm... as I type this I realise that I already iterate through the entire sequence while building the index, so I should simply set the IsSelected() status to false during that pass. That should work for my needs, but I'd still be keen to know if the above is possible)


      Thanks as always for any pointers